About this website

This website emerged from the desire to gather information about the family name "Bassemir". For every bearer of the name may have asked himself once in a while who else might be named likewise and what this rare name is actually "meaning". Perhaps the website may serve as a tools to bring interested persons in contact with one another, too. That is to say, according to experience, what people first of all search in the world-wide net is their own name.

The site is non-commercial. In order to keep loading times and costs low, it gets along without complex shaping. This might perhaps change in the future.

This website is open to suggestions, desires and new information. If there should be any errors in it, I ask for indulgence and notice to:

Michael Bassemir, Bahnhofstr. 6, D-35614 Asslar, Germany
Tel.: 0049/6443/2645